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    Super cool to be in Tokyo when RL reopened their store! Not sure of this teddy’s name, but I think he’s the High Waisted Executive On International Business Bear
Editors Note: Sweatshirt can get a bit too long when wearing all day. I wash each wear (most the time) but it can get a tad stretched end of day)

    @MattRMcCormick asked me to participate in a clothing customization work shop with 9th & 10th grade students from Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women. This was an amazing day. Thank you all!

    Someone sent me these jeans and I knew the second i saw the fit/size they weren’t for me. I love that thyre perfect for Sara! Also i want to wear a tweed blazer every autumn day.
Side Bar: I think the best gifts are stuff you really want for yourself. Call me selfish.


Captured by my Personal On-Set Photographer @embeeez

Editors Note:
My fly is not open, it’s just a 20? yr old pair of shorts with a fly seam problem

    Growing up in an orthodox jewish home we didn’t celebrate Halloween. I now live to dress up and celebrate daily

    A cotton turtleneck is my other secret weapon. The tonal cotton layer game isn’t a game easily mastered.

    versace x usps finally


    I love a woman in a suit 
I love purple
I love a woman in a suit and tie

    when i was a young yeshiva student we weren’t allowed to wear t shirts. This young bachur was probably home on vacation. Still cool his parents allowed. Mine did too but neighbors would always snitch to rabbis/principles
Editors Note: T was a souvenir from his friends bar mitzvah

    I can’t say it enough. Walking messengers and street vendors have the BEST style in this city hands down. 

    yellow mustard stain on yellow oxford 1/1 Made for me worn by my wife. The perfect all year round shirt. Works for back to school or for Rosh Hashanna. Available in white and blue. Lincolnbio

    it’s been wonderful but I’m really not going to miss summer. The plugs definitely overheated though, shorted a few circuits even.

    pleats are making their way to the youth in a big way I’d say. I love a full pleated trouser. Who ways to wear skinny tight pants on a day like today anyhow?!

    Pleated Underground. About two hours ago. A shopkeeper closes up for the night. In pleated chinos, a tank top and slides. This here fella cuffs his pants up NOT for style nor comfort I bet, but for his religion! I believe Muslim men are not supposed to cover their ankles but I’m not certain. I’ve heard/read a few different things on this. But I love that part of the muslim uniform.

    HIGH (not) WAISTED. regardless of the temperatures.

    A few years ago I saw a dude in Paris idling on his bike between delivery runs and he was wearing swim trunks a white t and a cardigan and I was inspired. I finally got the ultimate summertime cardigan from nanamica. It’s got cool max and made with water repellent yarn! Not a heavy shvitzer but feels cool to wear it. Very Japanese to take a perfect cardigan and improve on it. American companies talk about innovation but they think we want clothing to talk to us or some dumb shit. This here is smart. In look and function.

    Some one please get me this towel, thank you Osaka festival styles were extra

    More from Tokyo. Met him in line at that starbucks by the rad book store in daikayama

    Dev’s got a new album. AND (yes, I’m starting a sentence with and) he’s got the best t promoting it. (the best merch is NFS). I’ve been wearing it (3 days inna row) but haven’t gotten a good selfie yet bec it’s backwards. mirror problems. I feel more confident when I take my pic than when I ask someone to take my pic... But this isn’t about me, Many congratulations Devonte!!!

    I was lost in Tokyo and came upon an alley with some stylish guys n gyals. This bird made it to my @GQStyle feature